Report Claims Facebook Plans to Change Its Name

Report Claims Facebook Plans to Change Its Name

( – Liberal tech giant Facebook is apparently looking for a new name. It seems CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying to shift focus away from the social media platform that gained him global influence to become the creator of the “metaverse.”

According to a report from The Verge, a source close to Facebook’s top management says Zuckerberg plans to announce a new parent company, with a new name, next week. Zuckerberg plans to present it as a shift away from social media and towards what he calls a “metaverse,” where users live an augmented-reality life in a world created by his companies. In July, he claimed that in a few years people will see Facebook as being a metaverse company, not a social media company.

Reports of the change come amid multiple scandals that have had a major impact on Facebook’s reputation. It’s been strongly criticized by Conservatives for censorship, and by Liberals for allegedly promoting eating disorders and sexist job ads. It’s also failing to attract younger users, who prefer other Zuckerberg platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Earlier this month, Congress heard evidence from a Facebook whistleblower that the platform is dangerous to mental health, and regulators in the US and Europe want to break up the company. Is Zuckerberg trying to demote a brand that’s well on the way to becoming toxic, and hide behind a meaningless new name like Horizon or Meta?

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