Rep. Dingell Defends Biden’s Meltdown

Rep Dingell Defends Biden's Meltdown

( – Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) is defending former Vice President Joe Biden’s recent meltdown over his stance on the Second Amendment.

Speaking with “Outnumbered Overtime” on Tuesday, Dingell said Biden had a “human moment” when he screamed at a worker from the Fiat-Chrysler auto plant in Detroit.

Biden was caught on camera telling the man, who accused him of wanting to strip him of his Second Amendment rights, that he was “full of sh*t” because he does support gun rights.

When the man reminded Biden that public servants work for him and the rest of the American People, Biden responded by calling him a “horse’s a**.”

Dingell went on to say that her late husband, Rep. John Dingell, was a former board member of the NRA and they have both always felt strongly about the right to bear arms.

Dingell added that she has seen both the good and bad when it comes to firearms. She believes that while the former vice president does support the Second Amendment, he knows that “there are people that shouldn’t have guns.”

The bigger question here is whether or not a public figure running for the highest office in the land should be treating citizens the way Biden treated this man. You’d think a career politician would know better.

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