Religious Freedom Index Results Are Concerning

Religious Freedom Index Results Are Concerning

Freedom of religion is a significant reason why the Pilgrims traveled to America and is one of the founding principles of our country.

However, a recent survey done by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty shows that this basic right is something our country is still struggling with centuries later.

The organization recently released the results of the Religious Freedom Index, a national poll that looks at different areas of religious freedom in America.

Practicing Religion

The poll asked five questions about how people feel about practicing religion without fear of being harmed or discriminated against. The majority of people, 80%, said that they supported the right to practice whatever religion a person chose. But, there was a 10% gap in people who support the right to practice one’s religion “even if they are contrary to accepted majority practices.”

This is concerning considering how often the majority in a country can change, especially given that change typically coincides with the election of a new president.

The Role of Religion in America’s Issues

The poll also asked people what kind of role religion plays in the issues our country is experiencing. These results were surprising; 56% of people said that religion is part of the solution and a whopping 44% said it’s part of the problem.

Another concerning discovery: one-quarter of the people surveyed think that a political candidate should be able to be blocked from holding office simply based on their religious beliefs.

The right to practice whatever religion we choose, without fear of repercussions, is something that our forefathers fought for, and something we have to continue to protect for future generations.

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