Red State’s FBI Chief Hates Trump

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – FBI leaders have pushed Jeffrey Veltri, the new head of the field office in Miami, to scrub any remarks that are against the former President from his social media accounts.

A whistleblower revealed the instruction to the House Judiciary Committee according to a report from The Washington Times. According to the whistleblower, Christopher Wray who is the director of the FBI, along with Paul Abbate, the Deputy Director, and Jennifer Moore the Executive Assistant Director instructed Veltri to remove all of his remarks against the former President in order to secure a promotion.

In the disclosure, the whistleblower alleged that former President Donald Trump’s home was within the area that the Miami Field Office was responsible for. They added that it is known that Veltri is “vocally Anti-Trump.” It was added that the three FBI officials had wanted Veltri to appear nonpolitical which was why they had instructed him to take steps for the removal of all the anti-Trump posts.

Trump has often spoken up against the FBI leadership and has argued that they are politically biased against him. The House of Representatives which is currently under the control of the GOP has also launched an investigation into President Joe Biden’s administration over the weaponization of the government against conservatives and many of Biden’s political opponents.

However, the order given for the removal of all the remarks did not account for the fact that the comments had shown clear political bias with their anti-Trump tone.

Layer and former FBI agent Kurt Siuzdak who is the whistleblower’s representative stated that for some reason the FBI appears to have placed Trump as their “No. 1 criminal subject.”

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