Rapper 50 Cent Endorses Trump Over Biden’s Bad Tax Plan

Rapper 50 Cent Endorses Trump Over Biden's Bad Tax Plan

(TargetLiberty.org) – Joe Biden’s tax plans earned President Trump another celebrity endorsement on Monday, October 19, when rapper 50 Cent urged his Instagram followers to vote for the president. The hip-hop star was responding to a news story about Biden’s proposed tax plans, which included figures on what the top rates of income tax would be in various places. They included New York City, which would see a top rate of 62%. It seems 50 Cent doesn’t like the idea of becoming 20 Cent.

Predictably, 50 Cent faced an immediate left-wing backlash on social media, with other celebrities accusing him of rejecting the Black Lives Matter movement and an ex-girlfriend even offering to pay his taxes if he reconsiders. The Queens, NY, resident was unmoved, and later added that he would “pack his bags” and leave if Trump loses the election.

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