Rand Paul Slams Blinken Over Afghanistan Drone Strike

Rand Paul Slams Blinken Over Afghanistan Drone Strike

(TargetLiberty.org) – The Biden administration is already under heavy fire for rushing the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and creating the chaos that allowed an ISIS-K suicide bomber to murder 13 US troops and scores of Afghans. Now, a Republican senator is asking if the administration lashed out blindly in response to that attack – and the White House can’t give him an answer.

On September 14, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to answer questions about the retreat from Kabul. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) quickly put him on the spot, asking about reports that the retaliatory US drone strike after the August 26 suicide attack had hit the wrong target.

At the time, the White House said the strike had killed an ISIS-K terrorist linked to the airport bombing. However, last Friday, the New York Times reported that the target may have had nothing to do with ISIS-K. The newspaper’s investigation found that the missile killed 43-year-old Zemari Ahmadi, who worked for a US aid organization – and had applied to come to the US as a refugee from the Taliban.

After harshly criticizing the bungled withdrawal, Senator Paul asked Blinken if the target of the strike was a terrorist or an aid worker. Blinken tried to dodge the question by saying the strike was under review. When Paul repeated the question, Blinken said he couldn’t “speak to that.” Paul asked if he didn’t know or wasn’t saying, and finally, Blinken admitted, “I don’t know.” Paul replied, “You think you’d kind of know before you off somebody with a Predator drone, whether he’s an aid worker or he’s an ISIS-K.”

It seems the Biden administration might have more to answer for.

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