Rand Paul Says He Will “Force” Repeal of Federal Mask Mandates

Rand Paul Says He Will

(TargetLiberty.org) – One of the most consistent voices in the movement against COVID-19 mandates have been Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). The Kentucky Republican firmly believes people should have the right to make the decisions best suited for them and their families without government interference. Now, he’s saying he might force a vote to repeal one of the mandates.

In a mid-February Newsmax interview, Paul slammed government intervention. He explained he and other Americans are “sick and tired of the government mandating [their] behavior and taking [their] liberty away.” The anger extends to the mask mandate. He pointed out that cloth masks aren’t effective according to CDC guidelines that say one-layer masks are the least effective face covering.

Since President Joe Biden extended the mandates for travel, Paul said he’s tired of being forced to wear a mask when he travels, especially since he pays the airlines for a ticket. Paul said he wants to force the Senate to vote on the mask mandate to see where lawmakers are on the issue.

The senator believes the American people are on his side and tired of federal government encroachment on their personal rights.

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