Radical Students Demand Shakeup at Rice U

Radical Students Demand Shakeup At Rice U

(TargetLiberty.org) – A group of student activists at Rice University in Houston, TX, has issued a series of demands to the college administration. The students have a list of wants taken straight from the far-left racial activism playbook – and they’re censoring any fellow students who disagree.

The centerpiece of the student demands is the establishment of a “Black House” on campus. In a reversal of the old Jim Crow laws, this would be a racially-segregated space only open to black students.

Students also want the statue of the college’s founder, William Marsh Rice, an eccentric businessman and philanthropist who was murdered in 1900, removed because of his alleged support for, ironically, racial segregation.

Another demand is for better lighting for student ID photos, with some black students claiming the current lighting is unflattering to them.

Not all Rice students agree with the demands – but student officials are deleting any comments opposing the activists. Increasingly, freedom of speech on US college campuses just means the freedom to agree with the far left.

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