Qatar and Saudi Arabia Break Down Borders, Work Toward Bright Future

Qatar and Saudi Arabia Break Down Borders, Work Toward Bright Future

( – President Donald Trump and his administration have continued pursuing their policy of bringing peace in the Middle East to an unprecedented and unexpected level. There are those who doubted his norm-busting tactics. However, his administration’s many successes in the region happened because they challenged long-standing assumptions that haven’t worked very well in the recent past, if ever.

Most recently, the Trump administration helped facilitate efforts between Qatar and Saudia Arabia to ease their over three-year conflict, opening the door for the possibility of a brighter future for both countries and others in the region.

Gulf Leaders Sign New Declaration

The Associated Press reported that the Gulf Arab leaders signed a declaration ending a 3.5-year Saudi Arabian embargo imposed on the energy-rich nation of Qatar. Saudi Arabian officials confirmed they were also embarking on a full restoration of diplomatic relations with Qatar.

The move is expected to lessen tensions in the deeply-divided region between US security allies and other nations located in the Arabian Peninsula. It remains unclear how long it will take for Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt to come on board with the agreement. But expectations are high regarding the declaration’s potential success.

Diplomats in the region are tight-lipped regarding what concessions, if any, were made by Qatar to facilitate the negotiations and resulting declaration. However, Saudi Arabian officials announced they would reopen their borders and airspace to Qatar, a significant sign of good faith that will hopefully end the recent stalemate between the two nations.

Saudia Arabia’s foreign minister told reporters his country was pleased with the breakthrough in relations and believes it can contribute to the security and stability of all nations in the region.

This renewed push for stability in the region was prompted with a push by the Trump administration and Kuwait officials, keen to restore normal relations. It serves as only the latest in a long string of successes in Middle East negotiations initiated by the United States beginning in 2017.

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