Putin Threatens To Halt Energy Exports if Demands Aren’t Met

Putin Threatens To Halt Energy Exports if Demands Aren't Met

Putin LASHES OUT – Issues Dire THREAT To European Union

(TargetLiberty.org) – When Russian President Vladimir Putin made the decision to invade Ukraine in late February, the US and its Western allies responded immediately. The nations issued statements condemning the leader’s actions and mobilized support efforts.

NATO countries authorized the deployment of troops along the border of nations in eastern Europe to hold the line just in case he decided to expand his attack. Billions of dollars began flowing into Ukraine to help them fight back. Meanwhile, nations worldwide issued sanctions against Russia and started looking for alternative fuel sources.

Still, the former Soviet nation is the largest supplier of oil and natural gas to some countries in Europe. And Putin is now threatening to cut them off if his demands are not met.

An Ultimatum

On Wednesday, September 7, Putin spoke at an economic forum in Vladivostok, where he discussed the European Union’s plans to cap Russian oil prices. ABC News reported the president said that implementing such a plan would “lead to a hike in prices” and attempts to control them “by administrative means [are] just ravings.” He went on to say it would be a “dumb decision” and nothing good would come from it.

Further, Putin made it clear that if European nations begin making political decisions that violate existing contracts, he will “halt supplies if it contradicts [Russia’s] economic interests.” He explained that his country would stop all exports of “gas, oil, diesel oil, or coal.”

As for the impact that could have on his own economy, the Russian president said he wasn’t worried. According to Putin, he will sell the products to Asia, explaining that global demand is high, so he doesn’t believe he’d have any problems selling them to other nations.

Claims About Ukraine

Putin turned his remarks to the war in Ukraine, which is what started the anger from the US and allied nations. The authoritarian leader claimed he wasn’t the one who started the conflict, claiming he was “trying to put an end to it.” However, in the months leading up to his military’s invasion of a sovereign nation, he’s the one who deployed troops to its borders.

For months, Russia amassed tens of thousands of soldiers along its neighbor’s border. Then, when Putin thought the time was right, he ordered the invasion. Still, he claimed his decision was to help those in the Donbas region, an area his soldiers have been trying to steal from Ukraine since it annexed Crimea in 2014.

Putin claimed the war will help his country in the long term.

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