Putin Resignation Rumors May Be Premature

Putin Resignation Rumors May Be Premature

(TargetLiberty.org) – After years of the mainstream media spouting off about the “Russia” hoax, President Vladimir Putin became a common topic of discussion among political observers. All that might change next year, provided recent rumors prove to be true.

Moscow watchers reported on November 5 that Putin plans on retiring early next year. Reportedly, the 68-year-old Russian president has been exhibiting symptoms of Parkinson’s Syndrome, a neurological disorder.

The Sun reported that recent video footage of Putin showed his fingers twitching as he tried to grasp a pen. It also showed him with a pained expression on his face and his legs noticeably moving about while he clutched a cup thought to contain a liquid painkiller.

Valery Solovei, a noted Russian political scientist, added fuel to the fire openly discussing Putin’s symptoms, stating they could indicate Parkinson’s. Additionally, he said it was his understanding that Putin’s supposed partner, former gymnast Alina Kabaeva and both his daughters were pressuring him to resign.

The Sun also reported that in 2015, researchers in The Netherlands identified signs in the Russian president’s gait, indicating the possibility he had Parkinson’s Disease. Of particular note was their observation that Putin walks with his left arm firmly planted at his side while his right arm moves freely in sync with his steps.

The Rumors Could Be Wrong

There’s a mounting body of evidence the rumors could be misplaced. For example, the team of researchers in The Netherlands also observed Putin’s awkward gait could go back to his years in the KGB, which trained its agents to holster their pistols on the left side and hold it in place with their arm when walking.

Additionally, Putin’s staff members, along with Kremlin officials, downplay rumors about the president reporting that he’s in “excellent health.”

Were the rumors to prove true, Putin appears to have leveraged his future through recent legislation he’s pushing through Russian Parliament granting him senator-for-life status. If successful, that would mean he would enjoy immunity from criminal prosecution for life. He would also enjoy the benefit of receiving government perks indefinitely.

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