Pub Landlord Worried Ghost Could Scare Off Workers

Pub Landlord Worried Ghost Could Scare Off Workers

( – The COVID pandemic has been a disaster for bars, and many haven’t survived it. Now one of those that did is facing a different problem.

Hayley Budd has been the manager of The Lansdowne, a red-brick Victorian pub in Cardiff, England for eight years. During that time, she’s gotten used to strange noises. When she’s in the basement changing kegs, she’ll hear the sound of furniture moving upstairs, but when she goes up to look, everything is undisturbed.

Regular guests tell stories about a female spirit, “Lady Lansdowne,” who supposedly haunts the pub. In the latest incident, which was captured on the pub’s CCTV, Budd can be seen sitting at a table when the chair across from her appears to move on its own. The video clearly shows the landlady looking, puzzled, at the chair.

After the chair incident, Budd told reporters, “I wasn’t frightened enough to quit my job… but I was really shocked. I wasn’t expecting to see that at all.” She said she still sits at that table on her breaks, but she’s worried the ghostly goings-on at the pub might frighten some of her staff into quitting. According to her, some staff have already said they’ll go home if any incidents happen while they’re at work. Meanwhile, the locals are still happy to drink at The Lansdowne – and things are still going bump in the night.

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