Protestors Swarm Disney Headquarters After “Woke” Agenda Fails

Protestors Swarm Disney Headquarters After

( – The Disney corporation has decided to get involved in left-wing politics – but not all its fans are happy about the move. Last week, hundreds of protesters descended on Disney’s headquarters to oppose its intervention in Florida politics.

On April 6, several hundred concerned citizens joined a protest outside Disney’s corporate HQ in Burbank, CA. The event was organized by evangelical Christian group Hold The Line to condemn Disney’s opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights Law, which Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed last month. The law prohibits teaching third-graders and below about sexuality and gender ideology.

Disney has faced internal battles over the law, with CEO Bob Chapek initially refusing to condemn it – until a walkout by hundreds of staff forced his hand. Senior executives have called for the company to deliberately push far-left identity politics.

Some Disney employees are saying the atmosphere inside the company is getting hostile. One Disneyland cast member who attended last Wednesday’s protest said it’s now “very hard” for someone with conservative values to work there.

However, the fact the protest happened shows that parents – who are Disney’s real customers – are a lot more conservative than the company’s woke executives. If Disney doesn’t step back from far-left causes, it could find itself taking a big financial hit.

Will the message get through? Has the company overestimated the popularity of the “woke” agenda?

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