Protecting America’s Traditional Values For the Future

Protecting America's Traditional Values For the Future
Protecting America's Traditional Values For the Future

The fact that America is undergoing a significant change in culture is of little secret to those who are paying attention. Where individual freedom was once treasured, groupthink is taking precedence. Respect for the tried and true is waning in favor of the new and radical.

These are some of the most significant traditional values that are under attack in America and what you can do to inoculate yourself against toxic changes in our moral framework.

Freedom of Speech

Our country was founded on individual liberty, which is clearly demonstrated by the First Amendment. Sadly, more and more citizens feel that viewpoints that are too “offensive” or critical of certain beliefs aren’t tolerable. If freedom of thought and expression wasn’t so integral to America, then why did the founding fathers make it the first guiding principle of our nation?

You don’t have to bend to the will of people who don’t value the First Amendment. Of course, being respectful in any conversation is essential, but you’re not responsible for everyone else’s feelings. If you have something poignant and important to say, then just say it.

Family Structure

Marriage between a man and a woman has been a societal norm since long before America’s inception. This structure is proven to provide stable and healthy relationships both within the family and the community. However, many among the younger generations favor LGBTQ marriage, polyamorous relationships, gender abolition or even abolishing the institution of marriage.

In spite of the attempted deconstruction of family values by the more radical members of society, you shouldn’t be ashamed of advocating for and implementing traditional family structures in your own life.


Christian morality has been an essential and binding force in our country. Respect for one’s neighbors, the rule of law (both societal and divine) and prosperous order are but a few essential values instilled by Christianity. The rise of atheism and support for radical political reform promotes beliefs and values antithetical to those of our nation’s origin.

Stand up for your beliefs with pride and conviction. There’s nothing wrong with respecting traditional values that have brought our nation prosperity and stability. Remember: not all moral frameworks provide positive results.

There are a lot of unsettling trends in America that work against the traditional values that built our great nation. Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t mean that they’re right. Standing up against values that don’t help our nation grow and succeed isn’t just about being confident in your opinion; it’s about keeping our country great.

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