Professor Demands Female Students To Undress During Class

School Choice: Does it Really Affect Your Child's Education?
School Choice: Does it Really Affect Your Child's Education?

( – The United States Department of Education recently concluded a detailed investigation into alleged sexual harassment occurring on the Takoma/Silver Spring Campus of Montgomery College in Maryland. The case drew significant attention as it involved a professor who had reportedly demanded female students to undress during their class in the course of the 2019 academic year.

The department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR), which has jurisdiction over such matters, issued a press release on Wednesday to share the outcomes of their probe. The statement shed light on the troubling circumstances surrounding the case. The OCR’s investigation substantiated the claims that the professor in question had instructed students to remove their shirts, reducing their attire to sports bras, during a particular medical assessment. This directive was issued despite the fact that there were no standard or accepted practices which called for the removal of clothing or commentary on the body for such assessments.

The professor did not restrict his inappropriate conduct to the demand for clothing removal, however. He went further, making explicit remarks about the students’ breasts and nipples, adding to their discomfort and humiliation. Despite some students’ attempts to preserve their modesty by wearing lab coats, the professor exerted his authority and demanded the removal of these as well.

Montgomery College took the allegations seriously and promptly launched an internal investigation, spanning three months, to examine the claims. The inquiry corroborated the students’ reports, determining that the professor’s actions did indeed create a hostile environment based on gender discrimination. This was a clear violation of the college’s policies and standards, which are designed to protect students and provide an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Upon completion of the report, swift action was taken against the educator. The day following the filing of the report, the professor was put on leave, demonstrating the college’s immediate response to the situation. However, as the seriousness of the allegations and the substantiating evidence were further considered, it was decided that a more drastic action was warranted. The professor was subsequently dismissed from their position at the college, sending a strong message about the institution’s zero tolerance for such actions.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of enforcing and adhering to strict rules and regulations regarding professional conduct in academic settings. It underscores the commitment of institutions like Montgomery College and the U.S. Department of Education to protect the rights and wellbeing of students.

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