Pro-Life Groups Fight Back

Pro-Life Groups Fight Back

( – When you hear about women having abortions, you probably also think about a clinic. However, more people are turning to websites, buying pills online to terminate their pregnancies. Pro-life groups have had enough and they want the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to stop it from happening.

Take Those Sites Down

On May 4, a group of more than 50 pro-life organizations sent a letter to the FDA asking it to seize the internet domains of two sites that sell drugs online to end pregnancies. The groups say websites Rablon, AidAccess, and others are “…illegally prescribing and/or selling mifepristone” in the US.

Those two sites are very well known among women who want to have abortions. In 2019, the FDA ordered to stop selling unapproved abortion drugs. However, a year later, the site is still allegedly selling the pills.

AidAcess wasn’t the only site told to stop selling the pills. Dozens of others exist.

Cutting Out a Doctor

In order to get pills to terminate a pregnancy, women are supposed to go to a licensed healthcare provider. A medical professional has to sign a waiver promising to get her help if something goes awry.

The law is meant to protect women from abortions gone wrong. So when someone ignores the FDA regulations and sells the pills online without doctor approval, they are putting the woman at risk of serious complications, and in worst-case scenarios, maybe even death.

COVID-19 Increasing the Demand

In early April, reports surfaced of increasing numbers of women wanting to know how to give themselves abortions. This is especially disturbing considering one of the main arguments why the procedure should stay legal is it prevents people from doing it themselves.

Yet, these websites are giving them the opportunity.

Tighten Regulations

The pro-life groups are demanding the FDA finally get it together and take action. In their letter to the government agency, the organizations claim the websites are “brazenly” thumbing their noses at the FDA.

It seems they are right!

While the FDA stands around and does nothing, little lives are being ended and mother’s lives are also at risk. Those little humans deserve to be given the opportunity to exercise their rights. That’ll never happen if the government doesn’t stop the pills from being sold online.

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