Prison ATTACK – Investigators Say It Was Unprovoked!

Prison Attack at Rikers Island

Prison Attack at Rikers Island

( – In November 2021, Dennis Applewhite, who also goes by Dennis Fredricks, allegedly shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend, Brittani Duffy, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Police arrested the gang member in New Jersey and remanded him to Rikers Island to await trial. But she wasn’t his last victim.

On October 31, the inmate reportedly stabbed a corrections officer 15 times in the back of the head while the officer was working in the “protective custody unit” at the Anna M. Kross Center jail. Officials called the attack “unprovoked.” The city cop is currently in stable condition.

Department of Corrections (DOC) Commissioner Louis Molina was understandably upset about the incident, saying the officer was simply trying to do his job when he was viciously assaulted. The commissioner announced they re-arrested the suspect and won’t “tolerate” attacks on any of his officers. The DOC is currently investigating the incident.

Benny Boscio, president of the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association, visited the injured guard, sharing that he is awake and “undergoing tests.” The official said city jails need solitary confinement before one of the officers on duty “gets killed.” In March 2021, the New York legislature passed The HALT Solitary Confinement Act, limiting the use of “segregated confinement“ to only 15-day stints.

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