Prince Andrew Is in Trouble: Virginia Giuffre Lawsuit May Move Forward

Prince Andrew Is in Trouble: Virginia Giuffre Lawsuit May Move Forward

( – There’s a new development in the ongoing case between Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre and Britain’s Duke of York, Prince Andrew. The royal, who has thus far totally denied Giuffre’s accusations he sexually coerced her when she was just 17, is now facing a future filled with more legal battles and estrangement from the royal family.

Judge Rules Case Can Go On

Judge Lewis Kaplan, who currently presides over the long-standing sexual abuse lawsuit between Giuffre and Prince Andrew, flouted the royal family member’s request to dismiss the case on Wednesday by ruling it will proceed to trial. The unexpected shift leaves the Duke of York to face what will likely become an increasingly embarrassing fight.

Giuffre’s lawsuit accuses the late and heavily-disgraced financier Jefferey Epstein and his then-socialite girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell of sexually trafficking her during her minor years on a number of different occasions. She says they also coerced her into having sex with the prince at least three times: once at Epstein’s New York mansion, once on the financier’s private island, and once in London at the townhouse Maxwell called home.

Prince Andrew’s response to the lawsuit, which Giuffre first filed in 2020, has been strange and almost disjointed at points. He first claimed he had no recollection of even meeting the young woman in her teen years.

The Duke of York’s lawyers later attempted to argue the lawsuit violated a leaked 2009 settlement in which Epstein paid Giuffre a sum of $500,000 for her silence. While his name is not explicitly listed, the contract does contain the words “any potential defendant.”

Judge Kaplan’s Wednesday decision denied Prince Andrew’s repeated attempts to have the case dismissed in “all respects.” The 46-page document essentially debunks all of the royal family member’s attempted arguments.

Queen Elizabeth Revokes Titles

A statement issued from the Royal Family’s Twitter account on January 13 proves Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth is also taking action in the Giuffre case. Rather than protecting him from the fallout, as some expected, the Queen appears to be distancing herself from the Duke of York by officially retracting both his military titles and his royal patronages.

What exactly does this mean? While the monarchy’s title system can be incredibly complex, the removal of royal patronages essentially divorces Prince Andrew’s affiliation from the family in an official respect. That means he no longer enjoys any of the benefits that typically come with the title, “His Royal Highness” — including the ability to represent the crown.

Reports suggest the Queen opted to revoke Prince Andrew’s military titles after more than 150 veterans serving the Crown complained he brought them “disrepute.”

A history of claims of misconduct, and proof of the stripped titles, could theoretically harm him in the Giuffre case. At the very least, it serves as a testament to his character and moral failings. More importantly, it’s a sign not even the Crown itself is willing to overlook Prince Andrew’s connection to Epstein and Maxwell.

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