Prince Andrew Erases Social Media Presence Amid Assault Allegations

Prince Andrew Erases Social Media Presence Amid Assault Allegations

( – On January 13, Buckingham Palace announced Prince Andrew no longer had his charities, military titles, or the honor of using “His Royal Highness” in any royal capacity amid recent sexual assault allegations. A source close to the prince revealed all his social media accounts are no longer live, although it takes time to sift through them all, and some appear to be private. The accusation against him came from Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who said the Duke sexually abused her multiple times when she was under 18.

Queen Elizabeth has not stripped her son of his royal title just yet, but there’s some suspicion it may be next.

Prince Andrew denied the allegations against him, and his lawyer tried to get the judge to dismiss the case in a New York court. Unfortunately for him, the court did not rule in his favor, and Giuffre will have the chance to face the accused where a jury will decide his fate. After the decision, the queen was under immense pressure to take action.

She removed him from his royal privileges until the legal system settles the matter. Once the court determines the Duke’s guilt, she will then decide her son’s fate regarding his title of Duke of York.

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