President Trump’s REAL Mask Stance

President Trump's REAL Mask Stance

( – On Sunday, President Trump said he supports the use of masks to help fight the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, but won’t implement a national mandate forcing their use. The president was talking to Fox News when he was asked about recent CDC guidance which urged all Americans to wear masks in public.

Backing up the CDC advice, Trump said “I’m a believer in masks. I think masks are good.” However, he also cautioned masks can cause problems of their own, and warned against relying on them too much. CDC director Robert Redfield recently claimed that if everyone wore a mask the pandemic would be under control in a few weeks. Trump takes a more cautious view on that, and he’s backed up by the CDC’s own research. One study quoted by the agency found that two Missouri hair stylists fell ill with COVID-19 despite both of them and 98% of their clients wearing masks.

Trump dismissed appeals for a national mask mandate, saying he wants people to have “a certain freedom” and is leaving the decision to state governors.

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