President of El Salvador Slams FBI Raid on Trump

President of El Salvador Slams FBI Raid on Trump

Foreign President BLAMES Biden Administration For Trump FBI Raid

( – El Salvador’s president has slammed last Monday’s FBI raid on the home of former President Donald Trump. President Nayib Bukele accused the Biden administration of double standards, asking how the US would feel if politicians in other countries were targeted for investigations.

Hours after FBI agents raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on August 9, Bukele took to Twitter to criticize the operation. He asked how the US would react if El Salvadoran police raided “one of the main possible contenders of OUR 2024 presidential election.” In the past, the US hasn’t been shy about criticizing unfair foreign elections, including the disputed 2018 poll in Venezuela that put communist Nicolas Maduro back in the office. Now, Bukele has turned the tables.

The consequences of the raid could be serious for Trump; if he’s convicted of illegally retaining classified documents, US Code Title 17, Section 2071 allows a penalty of a $2,000 fine, three years in prison — and a bar on holding federal office. Whatever the Biden administration says about the reasons for the raid, it would be very convenient for them if Trump were ruled out of the 2024 presidential election.

No doubt some people will be annoyed that Bukele is intervening in a US investigation, but he’s raised a serious issue that shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

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