Power BLACKOUTS To Hit Soon!

Power Blackouts Could Happen Across New England

Power Blackouts Could Happen Across New England

(TargetLiberty.org) – Just as the first cold weather sweeps the East Coast and Midwest, a new report warns New England could face electricity blackouts this winter. Shortages of natural gas could force power companies to shut down generators, leaving millions of people in the cold and darkness. The US is about to pay the price for becoming dependent on global energy markets.

According to the Wall Street Journal, power grid company ISO New England is warning that a cold winter could overwhelm the region’s grid and “potentially result in the need for rolling blackouts” — deliberate shutdowns of power to selected areas. The warning comes as much of the Midwest and East Coast shivers in an early cold snap that’s seen temperatures drop below freezing as far south as Georgia and even parts of Florida.

The problem is New England states have decommissioned many of their coal, oil, and nuclear power stations, relying heavily on natural gas. Now, thanks to the embargo on Russian gas, there’s a shortage on the global market — and New England is competing with European countries for limited supplies. That’s already pushing electricity bills up, and if the winter is colder than normal there could be actual shortages.

If it happens, will New Englanders still be so keen on President Biden’s green agenda?

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