Portland Shooting Suspect Was Arrested In July

Portland Shooting Suspect Was Arrested In July

(TargetLiberty.org) – A man who’s being investigated in the shooting death of a Conservative in Portland, OR, last week has a history of political violence, according to media reports. Michael Forest Reinoehl was involved in two incidents in July, and now his own sister has named him to cops after seeing his face in a video of Saturday night’s fatal shooting.

Aaron Danielson, a 39-year-old member of the Patriot Prayer group, was accosted and shot dead by a mob Saturday night in downtown Portland, and video evidence puts Reinoehl at the scene. On June, 9 Reinoehl was cited for illegally carrying a loaded handgun while driving under the influence at 111mph.

He was arrested again for illegally carrying a loaded handgun at a riot in Portland on July 5, but charges were dropped. He surfaced again on July 26, when he was shot in the arm. That happened when he and a group of protesters assaulted a legal gun owner and tried to steal his handgun.

Reinoehl has an extensive social media presence and regularly talks about his support for Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and the need for a violent revolution. So far, he hasn’t been charged with any offense related to Danielson’s death.

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