Popular News Host Declares Unvaccinated Should Be Excluded From Society

Popular News Host Declares Unvaccinated Should Be Excluded From Society

(TargetLiberty.org) – Should the unvaccinated have the right to participate in everyday society? The answer to that question might seem straightforward; there are serious ethical concerns in banning anyone on the basis of incredibly private health decisions. Yet, a well-known CNN host recently suggested the world should immediately ostracize individuals who choose to opt-out — regardless of the reason.

Don Lemon’s Shocking Comment

CNN’s Don Lemon likely shocked viewers on both sides of the aisle when he pointed the finger at the unvaccinated during a January 18 appearance on CNN’s “New Day” segment.

Hosts Kasie Hunt and John Berman first played a clip of a news anchor from Mexico exploding on “anti-vaxxers” for allegedly being irresponsible and endangering lives. The video is available on Twitter. Fair warning: it does contain strong language. 

That’s when Lemon jumped in with his own opinion on the subject.

Calling the unvaccinated and those who refuse to wear masks “idiots,” Lemon suggested the world had to start taking actions to consider the greater good. He then cited statistics allegedly sourced from the CDC, using it to accuse the unvaccinated of triggering the virus to mutate and produce new variants.

Lemon even alluded to the fact people who refuse to vaccinate can’t do their own research or properly interpret scientific data. He attempted to suggest if they “didn’t believe in science,” they shouldn’t take planes. It’s difficult to understand the connection there.

Democrats Overwhelmingly Support Facism

Lemon isn’t alone in suggesting the unvaccinated should face consequences for their private and personal health decisions. In fact, there’s evidence to suggest those on the Left overwhelmingly view such individuals in an increasingly negative light.

A recent telephone poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports paints a scary picture of the sentiments most people on the Left currently hold. Around half of all Democrats who responded said they felt the unvaccinated should face prison time and/or steep fines.

Around 59% supported the government enacting laws that place the unvaccinated on house arrest to prevent them from spreading the virus. A whopping 49% also said they want to see criminal punishments for vaccine criticism on live television, radio or online websites.

Just under 29% said parents who refuse to vaccinate their children should lose custody of them as a result. Another 75% want the government to force-track anyone who refuses the vaccine — for any reason.

Republicans, as you might expect, weren’t so willing to ditch their own freedoms to control private health decisions. A hefty 75% stood firmly against vaccine camps and forced vaccination. Around 86% voted against criminal punishments, including fines.

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