Popular Earphones Recalled for Burn Risk

Popular Earphones Recalled for Burn Risk

(TargetLiberty.org) – When people think of DeWalt, power tools, hand tools, and its signature black and yellow label probably come to mind. The company, however, is not limited to manufacturing products and tools used by those in construction and woodworking. They also make wireless earphones that can help mitigate the sounds on a worksite. Unfortunately, the company had to recall its Jobsite Pro Wireless Earphones on December 1 after learning of 61 reports where the product overheated, resulting in some injuries and fires.

Although the item recall happened at the beginning of December, many people who might love DeWalt and benefit from owning this type of Bluetooth earphones need to be aware of the recall before using them or gifting them to a loved one or a friend.

The product was available at Home Depot and other hardware stores across the United States from December 2019 through July this year. DeWalt recalled the item in Dec 2021 and is advising everyone with the earphones to stop using them immediately and to contact E-filliate to return the product for a free replacement.

People are asked to look for specific manufacturer codes, located on the left side of the band. If the code is missing, consider it involved in the recall and contact the E-filliate.

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