Popular Collagen Supplement Recalled for Undeclared Allergen

Popular Collagen Supplement Recalled for Undeclared Allergen

(TargetLiberty.org) – A popular collagen supplement has been recalled after the manufacturer discovered it could contain milk. Now the company is warning anyone with a milk allergy to return or dispose of the product.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and an essential component in bones, cartilage, blood vessels, skin and most other body parts. Our bodies constantly manufacture collagen, but some diseases and dietary deficiencies can interfere with its production, causing serious health problems. For example, people with Vitamin C deficiency produce defective, weak collagen that leads to loose teeth, bleeding gums and slow-healing wounds.

For anyone who’s worried about collagen issues, supplements are a popular remedy. Supplements help stimulate natural production, avoiding or treating health problems. Many people also take them to help counter signs of aging.

On December 3, BUBS Natural announced a recall of its Fountain of Youth Formula Collagen Protein, because it’s potentially contaminated with a milk allergen that isn’t declared on the label. Anyone with a milk allergy who consumes the affected batches could become seriously ill. Anyone who has bought these products with lot numbers 04230401 or 5908501 should return or destroy them.

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