Poll: Should Independent Contractors Be Allowed to Build the Wall?

Poll: Should Independent Contractors Be Allowed to Build the Wall?

Here’s the Background Story:

One of President Trump’s primary campaign promises was to build “a big, beautiful wall” across the US-Mexico border. The costs of such a project are very high, but Trump believes it’s well worth the money. However, a particular contractor thinks that he can build the “big, beautiful wall” cheaper and faster than the government can.

Is this possible?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

The entire length of the wall is just around 1,954 miles. Obtaining the funds and the legal permission to use the land have been the biggest hurdles yet, though. Much of these legislative battles over obtaining land rights for the wall are occurring in Texas.

As a result, while much of the existing border wall has been replaced, only one mile is freshly-built.

President Trump is planning to divert another $7.2 billion from Pentagon funding for the project, which should be enough to build about 885 miles of brand new border wall. This will raise the total spent to $18.4 billion.

In contrast, independent contractor Tommy Fisher claims he can build the wall for substantially less. So far, his company has built 1,500 feet of what is to be a 3-mile fence and estimates its completion in 2 weeks.

Below is an aerial shot of his wall under construction.

Here’s a ground-level shot.

While Trump’s and Fisher’s walls are slightly different in color and design, both could serve their function equally well.

The total cost: $42 million. Compare that to an eight-mile section near Mission, Texas that costs $167 million, which is a rate of roughly $7 million more per mile than Fisher’s wall. At Fisher’s rate, if his company were to have built the entirety of the wall from scratch, it would cost $27.3 billion.

Fisher was hired by the We Build The Wall nonprofit organization that raised money to build the border wall in spite of political opposition. The group has raised over $25 million to hire Fisher as the group’s building contractor, to which he claims only $1.5 million was contributed to his $42 million section of fence.

Fisher plans to sell or lease his section of the wall to the government and work his way into a construction contract for the border wall.

Poll: Should Independent Contractors Be Allowed to Build the Wall?

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What Do You Think?

What do you think about Fisher’s wall? Could the US-Mexico border wall really be built cheaper and still serve its primary function of protecting America from illegal immigrants if we use independent contractors like Fisher?

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