Poll Reveals Americans Identify With the GOP More Than Ever

Poll Reveals Americans Identify With the GOP More Than Ever

(TargetLiberty.org) – New polling analysis shows the Democrats could be facing an electoral disaster, as more Americans than ever identify with the Republicans. Joe Biden has been president for a year, and it seems the American public doesn’t like what they see in him.

Pollster Gallup has released the latest analysis of its 2021 polling, and it’s a depressing read for the Biden administration. When Biden took office, 49% of Americans identified as Democrat or Democrat-leaning, while 40% were more pro-Republican. After a year of his leadership, the polls have flipped – now just 42% back the Democrats, while Republican support has jumped to 47%. That’s a 14% swing towards the GOP, and unless Biden can turn it around in the next few months, it’s likely to cost his party control of both the House and Senate.

The polls are bad enough, but there could be even worse news for the Democrats hidden behind the headline numbers. Averaged across 2021, 37% of Americans said they hold moderate views and another 24% see themselves as liberal or very liberal. But 36% self-describe as conservative or very conservative, and the Democrats are working hard to alienate those people. The biggest swing last year was among independents, where a 5% Democrat lead at the start of the year had become a 4% advantage for the GOP by the end of it.

If the Dems’ increasing radicalism pushes more independents towards the Republicans, they’re in big trouble.

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