Poll: Is the Government Telling Us Everything About the Coronavirus?

Poll: Is the Government Telling Us Everything About the Coronavirus?

Here’s the Background Story:

(TargetLiberty.org) – A highly infectious and potentially deadly coronavirus recently originated from the Wuhan region in China. The government there has locked down Wuhan and measures are being taken to prevent the potential spread of this disease. Beyond that, much about the coronavirus remains a mystery.

If we know one thing for certain, it’s that our government tends to keep us in the dark on certain situations.

Is the government telling us everything about this coronavirus outbreak?

Here’s What We Know So Far:

There are roughly 8,000 cases of the virus, of which the overwhelming majority are located in China. About 170 people have died, which is about half of the death toll of the SARS infection between 2002-2003. Additionally, this coronavirus has exceeded the 5,327 individuals that were diagnosed with SARS.

When determining an infection rate, researchers came up with around 2.2. That means that each infected person could transmit the disease to an additional 2.2 individuals. This rate of contagion is just above that of the ordinary flu, but less than the SARS’ infection rate of 3.

Beyond these factoids, it’s hard to get a grasp on what’s really going on.

The figures above are only preliminary estimates, so they could be subject to significant change as the situation unfolds.

China rushed in construction teams to build a hospital in what could be record time: an estimated six days.

Meat products from China were seized at a port in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, when they tested positive for African swine fever.

That’s not all, though. Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist from Harvard University and big pharma whistleblower, released a series of tweets regarding the coronavirus situation. The tweetstorm reveals infection stats, maps, and graphs of high-risk zones.

Not long after the virus broke out, the Department of Justice announced that Dr. Charles Lieber, Harvard’s chemistry department chairman, was arrested for his connection with China. He became a “strategic scientist” at the Wuhan University of Technology.

In the same statement, a Chinese national, Zaosong Zheng, was arrested and charged with attempting to smuggle 21 vials of biological research into China.

In addition to the suspicious behavior of prominent individuals from Harvard, a video from an unknown nurse who claims to be working against the coronavirus in Wuhan recently surfaced. In it, she claims that the situation is far worse than the Chinese government is leading people to believe. This “whistleblower” and her claims have yet to be substantiated, however.

Finally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has just declared the coronavirus outbreak to be an international public health emergency. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general, commended China for “setting a new standard” for its response to this outbreak. Still, the emergency was declared as a statement of what could happen if the virus were to contaminate less-capable countries.

Poll: Is the Government Telling Us Everything About the Coronavirus?

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What Do You Think?

There could be more happening behind the scenes than we’re being led to believe. Alternatively, the government could simply be working with Chinese officials to contain and treat the outbreak and avoid a potential epidemic as they effectively did with SARS nearly two decades ago.

Do you think the government is telling us everything?

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