Politico Reports Evidence Supporting Hunter Biden Laptop Claims

Politico Reports Evidence Supporting Hunter Biden Laptop Claims

(TargetLiberty.org) – Hunter Biden’s emails were 2020’s big story that never was. Serious allegations were made about a close relative of a presidential candidate, but the mainstream media just wasn’t interested. In fact, along with the tech industry, they actively tried to suppress the story. Now, that’s starting to look like a big mistake.

On September 21, new evidence emerged to support that at least some of the allegations made about Hunter Biden are true. The story broke through Politico – which, a year ago, was one of the news sites working to keep the lid on it.

Politico released a review for a new book on the Biden family by investigative journalist Ben Schreckinger. In the book, the author reveals that, wherever the emails found on Hunter’s laptop can be checked out, they appear to be genuine.

Someone with “independent access” to his emails has reportedly confirmed that a message from a Ukrainian businessman thanking Hunter for introductions to then-Senator Joe Biden were real. The person also confirmed an email from Chinese energy executives regarding a business deal. In addition, Swedish government sources verified some of the message cache.

Politico still reports that some of the messages could be fake – but has also said that all the ones checked out so far are real. Are they regretting the help they gave Biden’s campaign?

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