Police Warn People Against “Hammocking” on Power Lines

Police Warn People Against

(TargetLiberty.org) – Albert Einstein once famously said, “Only two things are infinite – the universe, and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe.” If the great scientist could see recent news from Utah, though, it might confirm his views on how some people can act.

On July 30, Weber County Sheriff’s Office, located in Ogden, UT, posted a message telling people not to sling their hammocks from power lines. Any sane person would wonder why they thought it was necessary to warn people against doing something like this, but there’s a depressing answer: Because they have photos of people doing it.

Weber County has some spectacular views, and it turns out you can get a great view of them from a hammock slung near the top of a power line tower. Good views aren’t all you can get, though – there’s also the option of a 75,000-kilovolt shock if you get too close to the lines. If that doesn’t kill you (which it will) the 200-foot fall will definitely do the job. You’d think it would be obvious that climbing around power lines is a bad move, but apparently, some people threw a little too much caution to the wind.

Now the Sheriff’s Office is working with Rocky Mountain Power to run extra patrols along the power lines, and any hammockers they catch will be cited for trespassing. Hopefully this will people from taking part in this dangerous activity.

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