Police Step Up, Kill Armed Gunman Who Entered Youth Camp

Police Step Up, Kill Armed Gunman Who Tried To Enter Youth Camp

Police Hunt Down Armed & Dangerous Gunman — Here’s Where They Found Him

(TargetLiberty.org) – Days after Alabama cops killed a man acting suspiciously outside a school, Texas police have headed off another potential massacre of children — and killed another crazed gunman. How was a convicted felon able to get a gun and enter a building full of kids? Now, the Texas Rangers plan to find out.

On June 13, police in Duncanville, Texas, were called to the town’s fieldhouse after reports that an armed man had entered the building. Around 250 children were at the fieldhouse attending summer classes at the time. A Duncanville Police spokeswoman said the first officers reached the scene within two minutes and started a search for the gunman.

Meanwhile, the alleged gunman, 42-year-old Brandon Ned, had entered the fieldhouse lobby and was confronted by a member of staff. He responded by firing a handgun; camp counselors, alerted by the gunshot, started their lockdown drill. One counselor, 18-year-old Naomi Rodgers, said Ned fired a round through the glass door of her classroom. Minutes later, cops cornered Ned inside the facility’s gymnasium. There was an exchange of shots that left Ned fatally wounded. Nobody else was injured in the incident.

According to witnesses, Ned was in at least one area where children were present but made no attempt to shoot them. However, he had a long criminal history that included intoxication, manslaughter, drug possession, and unlawful carrying of a weapon. The Texas Rangers plan to investigate the incident.

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