Police Discover Pool Filled With Sharks in Apartment

Police Discover Pool Filled With Sharks in Apartment

(TargetLiberty.org) – British cops are baffled after finding that not only had one eccentric resident put up his Christmas tree several months early; he’d protected it with a fearsome defense system that seems more at home in a James Bond movie than a suburban apartment.

On October 8, police in Haywards Heath, Sussex – a town of just under 23,000 people 36 miles south of London – were called to a disturbance at a ground-floor apartment. When they entered the apartment they discovered the occupant had set up an artificial Christmas tree in the front room – but, instead of being surrounded by brightly wrapped gifts, it was in the middle of an eight-foot-wide pool full of live sharks.

Stunned cops later mentioned the bizarre find on social media, and got an enthusiastic response. One reply asked if there were also any people in the apartment, “or were they breakfast?” Another said, “Please tell me someone started up the chorus for Baby Shark.”

The police haven’t announced any charges related to the original disturbance, but they did say they’ll be speaking to the housing association to check if residents are allowed to decorate their apartments with swimming pools full of carnivorous fish.

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