Police Call on Kids Takes a Shocking Turn

Police Call on Kids Takes a Shocking Turn

(TargetLiberty.org) – The media’s always quick to air stories about cops abusing their powers. It seems they harp on anything that paints the police in a bad light. But every day in this country, men and women in law enforcement are doing their jobs with empathy and compassion and making their communities better places to live.

Last month, officers in Montana gave some kids a summer day they’ll never forget.

KPAX-TV reported the police were called on a group of children who were being too loud. The Kalispell Police Department and the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call and found the kids just playing basketball in a mobile home park. They could clearly see there was no actual problem.

The media would have you believe that the police are the bad guys. But when these officers found the kids playing, they decided to join in the fun. They showed this group of children that they’re actually the good guys.

The kids beat the cops in the first game, but when they left that day, they promised they’d come back to play again the next day.

The Cops Showed up the Next Day, Too

The children were elated when the police officers showed up the next day. They played with them for two hours and then they gave them some special treats. The cops allowed the kids to try on their police vests, and the kids got to meet a K-9 dog.

When the police left at the end of that day, they gave the kids a parade, turning on their lights and sirens. They promised to come back for another game soon.

This simple act of kindness from a Montana neighborhood is just one beautiful example of how police officers interact with their communities every day in America.

It’s just really too bad that anyone called the police on these kids in the first place. But, kudos to the cops for turning it into something special.

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