Planned Parenthood Gives Up, Drops Texas Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood Gives Up, Drops Texas Lawsuit

( – A leading pro-abortion group has dropped its lawsuit against the city of Lubbock, TX. The suit aimed to overturn a new right to life law – but it seems the litigants have given up hope of succeeding.

Last year, Lubbock passed a new law outlawing abortion inside the city limits, and declared the municipality “a sanctuary city for the unborn.” Unusually, the ban isn’t enforced by the state government; instead, the law allows private citizens to sue clinics that violate the ban.

A month later, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas filed a lawsuit protesting the ban was unconstitutional and demanding it be struck down. Last June, a federal judge dismissed the case, citing lack of jurisdiction. Planned Parenthood appealed the decision, but last Friday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals granted its request to drop the appeal.

Planned Parenthood’s Texas boss, Ken Lambrecht, insists the fight isn’t over. He says the group will “consider all legal options” to overturn the ban. Right now, though, it seems they can’t think of a way to proceed. Meanwhile, supporters of the law say they’re confident it can withstand any legal assault. Mark Lee Dickson, the leader of Right to Life East Texas, says the abortion ban was designed to be immune to court challenges, and believes the Planned Parenthood lawsuit confirms it.

Will the abortionists test his confidence again, or has the Lubbock sanctuary law left them exasperated?

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