Planet To Have MAJOR SHIFT – NASA Warns It’s Happening Monday

NASA Announces Major Shift in Planet Jupiter Happening Monday Night

NASA Announces Major Shift in Planet Jupiter Happening Monday Night

( – Every once in a while, NASA announces a really exciting event for people who love to stare into space. Meteorite showers, Mars viewings, eclipses, and other events can make stargazing very interesting. Tonight, viewers will get a real treat when they look up at the night sky.

NASA has reported that on Monday night, Jupiter will make its closest approach to Earth in 59 years. It will be around 367 million miles away and exactly opposite of the sun in an astronomical event known as opposition. The gassy giant will be very bright and large in the sky, allowing people an opportunity to see some of its features. Those with telescopes or binoculars will be able to view it for several days.

Adam Kobelski, who works at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, discussed the event in a press release. He said that with a pair of “good binoculars,” people should be able to see the planet’s “central band and three or four of the Galilean satellites.” He explained that for those who want to observe the event, it should be easy to find because it will be “one of the (if not the) brightest objects in the night sky.”

Experts recommend finding an elevated area with little light pollution for the best viewing opportunities.

Are you going to be looking into the night sky?

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