Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Guides Kids in Pledging Allegiance to Gay-Pride Flag

Pete Buttigieg's Husband Instructs Kids on Pledging Allegiance to Gay-Pride Flag

( – A worrying new video has sparked controversy on social media. In the alarming clip, the husband of the US transportation secretary is shown leading kids in a “pledge of allegiance” to a gay pride rainbow flag. Is this just a tasteless parody, or something more sinister?

On March 10, conservative political commentator Matt Walsh tweeted a clip from an Amazon documentary about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. In the clip, Buttigieg’s husband Chasten can be seen with a group of children, holding a pride flag. Reading from a card, he leads the children in a pledge of allegiance and they repeat each line after him with their hands on their hearts. Beginning with “I pledge my heart to the rainbow,” the statement referred to the “not so typical gay camp” and demanded “affirmation.”

The children involved were apparently members of an LGBT youth group, although they all look well under 18 in the video. This is particularly relevant now, as Buttigieg has openly opposed Florida’s new Parental Rights law which bans teaching pro-LGBT material to children in grades K-3. The law is intended to stop young children from being indoctrinated by activists – and Chasten Buttigieg has just shown why it’s necessary.

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