Pentagon Struggling To Understand Severity Of Their Mistake

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

( – The Pentagon is currently focused on trying to determine the size of the leak of classified information which ended up spreading across different social media platforms in the past month.

According to Chris Meagher, assistant to the secretary of defense for public affairs, the Department is currently “working around the clock” trying to determine both the scope and scale of the leak as well as trying to determine what the impact was and how to mitigate the risk. He added that they are still investigating how the leak occurred, adding that most steps are being taken to determine exactly to whom the documents were distributed and how.

On Friday, DOD officials also noted that they were reviewing the leaked documents related to the Russia-Ukraine war, but also looking at the other leaked documents which deal with a number of national security topics. He added that some of the leaked documents seem to contain information about the U.S. and NATO support to Kyiv, while others are dealing with other countries, including Israel and South Korea. They further noted that they were also investigating whether the documents had been altered in any way.

The Justice Department has also opened its own criminal investigation looking into the leaks, which is why the Pentagon also noted.

On April 6, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin received the first briefing about the leak. Since then, the Pentagon has also discussed with allies and partners who might also be affected by the leaked material.

On April 14th, the FBI arrested Jack Teixeira in connection with the leak.

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