Pentagon Removes Major Chinese Company From Blacklist

Pentagon Removes Major Chinese Company From Blacklist

( – The Biden administration has made a big concession to China, after a blacklisted tech firm was removed from a list of companies linked to the Chinese military. It’s yet another rollback of a Trump-era security measure, and it seems to benefit people in China more than anyone else.

On May 11, the Pentagon announced it was removing Xiaomi Corporation from its list of Communist Chinese Military Companies (CCMC). Designation as a CCMC blocked US investment in the company, and in March, a US district court ruled that this could cause “irreparable harm” to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has always denied links to the Chinese military, but the Trump administration wasn’t the only doubter: The company has also faced import bans in India, and last year Forbes ran a feature on the company’s alleged unethical harvesting of user data, which it was accused of passing to a Chinese government agency.

When the delisting was announced on Tuesday, Xiaomi shares jumped by 6.5% as investors took advantage of the delisting. Separately, Representatives John Katko (R-NY) and Andrew Garbarino (R-NY) of the House Homeland Security Committee wrote to the administration in April to warn that Xiaomi could replace banned telecom firm Huawei in the US market.

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