Pentagon Recognizes Reports of Deaths Following US Airstrike

Pentagon Recognizes Reports of Deaths Following US Airstrike

( – The Pentagon has acknowledged – but not confirmed – reports that Afghan civilians died in a US airstrike in Kabul last weekend. The media is reporting that up to 10 people were killed in the attack.

On August 29, a USAF unmanned aircraft carried out a missile strike against a suspected ISIS-K suicide vehicle in a northern suburb of Kabul. The vehicle was one of two parked outside a family compound. When the missile hit, it detonated in a violent secondary explosion, indicating the target had contained a large explosive device. The Hellfire missiles launched by UAVs don’t have the explosive power to demolish the solidly-built mud-brick walls of a residential compound, but large car bombs do.

Neighbors of the demolished compound told CNN and other journalists that nine, or possibly ten, members of the same family were killed in the explosion. Seven children are supposedly among the dead. A relative of the family claims there were two cars parked outside the compound, and his brother and three of his daughters were getting into one of them when the US weapon hit.

USAF planners heard from intelligence sources that the target vehicle contained a large bomb, which would explain the size of the explosion. It’s still unknown who was responsible for planting the alleged bomb, but officials have assured the public that they take the possible loss of innocent life seriously. The Pentagon confirmed it is investigating potential civilian casualties, and we’ll keep you updated as more details unfold.

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