Pentagon Doctor Warning Issued

Pentagon Doctor Warning Issued

( – President Donald Trump has been touting his plan to open the American economy back up by Easter. However, a top doctor at the Pentagon says easing restrictions too soon would be a deadly mistake.

Air Force Brig. Gen. (Dr.) Paul Friedrichs says the outbreak is not over. In fact, he believes that it will “continue to grow” in the coming weeks.

He cautioned against putting a date on when the pandemic will end and things will go back to normal. Instead, he wants everyone to worry about today.

His warning comes as the first case of COVID-19 at the Pentagon was confirmed. American troops have been ordered to freeze in place and all overseas travel has been halted. Freidrichs gave an official update on the situation this week.

Friedrichs is not alone. Other top Defense Department officials share his concerns believing this outbreak could last for several months.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper predicts that the coronavirus outbreak is going to continue for at least 10 weeks.

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