Pentagon Caught In Strange Cover-Up

U.S. Secretary of Defense, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – The Pentagon has faced backlash over the decision to not disclose immediately the hospitalization of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on New Year’s Day.

Many media reports have been released with reporters being outraged over the Pentagon’s choice to not immediately disclose the hospitalization of Austin until Jan. 5.

On Friday, Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder disclosed that on Monday, New Year’s day, Austin had been admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical center where he remained for five days. As per the announcement, he had ended up in the hospital after a recent elective medical procedure which caused him to have complications.

Oren Liebermann, a CNN Pentagon correspondent stated that the delay was completely “unacceptable” especially considering the position held by Austin. However, Ryder has maintained that the news was withheld from the press due to the private nature of the medical issues.

Liebermann however in his statement argued that this was an administration that had frequently talked about transparency and yet had failed to be transparent.

The hospitalization of Austin was also not made known to President Joe Biden or the National Security Council according to reports.

Barbara Starr, a former CNN Pentagon correspondent argued that the decision to not disclose this information was a big “strategic failure.” In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter she had argued that there was no way forward in which the public would believe anything that the Pentagon said.

NBC News correspondent Courtney Kube similarly claimed that this would harm the credibility of the Pentagon.

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