Pence Shows Pride Over Trump’s “Peace Through Strength” Policy

Pence Shows Pride Over Trump's

( – Vice President Mike Pence made a farewell tour of US military bases over the weekend, talking to troops about the administration’s record on foreign policy. It’s a record we should be proud of, Pence said – the US under President Trump has achieved “peace through strength.”

He talked with US Navy personnel on Saturday at Naval AIr Station Lemoore near Fresno, CA, and assured the aviators that the administration had “restored the arsenal of democracy.” Pence reminded them that during Trump’s term, the US had the biggest defense spending increases since Ronald Reagan, leaving the US military better equipped than ever before.

Last October, the White House listed the military objectives it has achieved without dragging the country into any more foreign entanglements. Highlights included the killings of terrorist leaders Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS and General Qasem Solemaini of the IRGC. Pence continued discussing the Trump White House’s accomplishments. As he proudly reminded our military and the nation, it’s been “the first [administration] in decades that did not get America into a new war.”

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