Pelosi’s Insane 25th Amendment Overreach

Pelosi's Insane 25th Amendment Overreach

( – The Democratic Party has targeted President Donald Trump since he won the election in 2016. They were upset that he beat their chosen one, Hillary Clinton, and for four years, he’s endured sustained attacks, including an impeachment.

When the president announced his coronavirus diagnosis on October 2, there was some expectation the Left would chill out. After all, their commander-in-chief was sick with a virus that had already taken the lives of more than 200,000 Americans. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) quickly showed that would not be happening and took her attacks to a whole new level.

Pelosi Attacks

The first attack from Pelosi came the day Trump announced his diagnosis. She said he’d been behaving like he was giving COVID-19 a “brazen invitation” to infect him. As if the president, a 74-year-old man, wanted to fall ill with the virus. It was an absurd statement.

Trump ended up getting treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center, and the day after he returned to the White House, Pelosi was on the attack again. On October 6, the president called off COVID-19 relief talks, citing the exorbitant amount of money Democrats wanted for failing cities. The speaker responded by implying the president was suffering from ‘roid rage because of the high dose steroids he was taking to get better.

On Friday, October 9, it wasn’t shocking when Pelosi held a press conference to discuss Trump…until she opened her mouth.

25th Amendment

Pelosi announced a bill that would establish a commission to extend 25th Amendment powers to Congress if lawmakers believed a president was unfit to serve. She claimed it had nothing to do with trying to unseat Trump, but it was clear that’s the intention.

Currently, only the vice president and the presidential cabinet can remove the president under the 25th Amendment — and it’s not a simple process. The House already has a mechanism to remove a president, it’s called impeachment, and Democrats already tried that.

The bill will never go anywhere as long as the Republicans hold the Senate, but even the attempt leaves many questioning Pelosi’s intentions.

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