Pelosi’s Arbitrary Rules Manipulating Legislative Process

Pelosi's Arbitrary Rules Manipulating Legislative Process

( – Yet again, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is making up the rules as she goes. This time she’s decided that nobody’s allowed to speak in the House unless they have a mask on.

Speaking on the House floor on December 15, Pelosi announced she was going further than her previous pro-mask demands issued in July and November; not only is she ordering representatives to wear masks, but she won’t let them do their jobs unless they obey.

She’s now ruled masks are required at all times, including when a member is under recognition – called on to speak. Pelosi, who violated San Francisco’s COVID laws to get her hair done in September, said house members will not be recognized unless they are wearing masks. If a member removes it while speaking, recognition will be withdrawn.

This isn’t just more bossiness from the self-appointed queen of Congress; there’s political bias in it too. Republicans are more likely to support individual rights and personal responsibility, so less likely to blindly comply with Pelosi’s demands. Now they have a stark choice – obey or be silenced.

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