Pelosi Rumored to Retire if Dems Lose Midterms

Pelosi Rumored to Retire if Dems Lose Mid-terms

( – Nancy Pelosi has dominated the House of Representatives for nearly 15 years as either Speaker or Minority Leader. However, for the first time, her grip on Congress looks like it’s weakening – and the rumors are saying she’ll retire this year.

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has sat in the House of Representatives for almost 35 years. She was Speaker from 2007-11, House Minority Leader from 2011-19, and Speaker again from 2019 until now. Even people who strongly disagree with her politics acknowledge she’s a formidable operator. But, she’ll be 82 in March and she’s expended a lot of political capital on President Biden’s radical spending agenda – an agenda that’s now dead in the water.

Now, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is calling Pelosi the “lame duck Speaker,” and her fellow Democrats are openly speculating on who’s going to replace her after the midterms. Most analysts expect the Dems to lose control of the House this November, and there are growing doubts Pelosi could survive the outcome.

Some Democrats think the time for a powerful Dem leader like Pelosi has gone, and what the party needs now is someone who can work with multiple centers of power inside the Democratic caucus. Others think it’s just time she makes way for a younger generation.

Pelosi herself is defiant. When spokesman Drew Hammill was asked about rumors of her retirement he said “The Speaker is not on a shift, she’s on a mission” – but a growing number of Dems think that mission needs to end soon.

Should Pelosi stay on whatever happens in November, or is it time for her to go?

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