Pelosi Gets Slammed

Pelosi Gets Slammed

( – Republicans have been tired of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s antics for a long time, but now, even some of her fellow Democrats are fed up with her.

The government worked long and hard to come to an agreement on a massive stimulus bill. It’s intended to prevent another Great Depression amid the coronavirus outbreak. However, many of the provisions Pelosi fought to include had members of her own party scratching their heads.

When discussing the stimulus package, Pelosi told members of the House that they should try to “recognize the good” in the bill.

Jared Bernstein worked on the Recovery Act and was Vice President Joe Biden’s chief economist when Obama was president. He says that Democrats like Pelosi have clearly “learned nothing” from their past mistakes.

He’s referring to Pelosi’s decision to include things in the stimulus bill that have nothing to do with fighting the coronavirus outbreak or helping Americans who are struggling. For example, providing $25 billion to the Postal Service and a $10,000 reduction in student loan debt for each borrower.

According to Bernstein, this is the same thing they did in the 2009 stimulus package. Ten years ago, they requested things such as funding to lay new sod on the National Mall and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases — things that meant little to the American people during an economic crisis.

Thankfully, smarter heads prevailed and most of the Pelosi Pork was removed from the bill before it passed the Senate on Wednesday and the House on Friday.

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