“Peaceful Protests” Turn Terrifying for Citizens

(TargetLiberty.org) – The ongoing civil unrest in US cities took a worrying turn over the weekend, with rioters expanding their activities to affect ordinary citizens. Until now the rioters have focused their attention on looting and attacking government buildings, but now some of them are deliberately aiming to disrupt life for as many people as possible.

On Saturday night, an activist calling herself Julia Clark sent out a long Twitter thread complaining about events in Georgetown, DC. Clark has previously claimed to be a Black Lives Matter member, but is now linked to Concerned Citizens, a DC-based group that seems to share most of BLM’s aims. Clark’s complaint was that while she and other rioters attempted to block cars entering a residential neighborhood in Georgetown, one woman refused to stop until a mob surrounded her car – and then, ironically, Clark whined that the police hadn’t arrested the woman.

Then, on Sunday, one of Concerned Citizens’ co-founders, Seun Babalola, posted another thread in which he boasted of illegally blocking an elderly couple in their car during a protest on a DC bridge.

It’s been just about possible (although not very convincing) to argue that earlier protests were legitimate political acts that were hijacked by extremists. However, this emerging behavior by Concerned Citizens is a direct attack on the freedoms of ordinary Americans – and the police aren’t putting a stop to it.

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