Parler’s New Web Host Issues Powerful Statement About Free Speech

Parler's New Web Host Issues Powerful Statement About Free Speech

( – Social media platform Parler – forced off the internet last month after liberal tech companies launched a coordinated attack on it – is back, and its new web host just took a bold stand for free speech. The CEO insists that they will uphold people’s right to speak freely, even if they don’t share the same views.

Parler went live again on February 15, more than a month after being closed down. It’s now hosted by SkySilk Cloud Services, a data company based in LA, and CEO Kevin Matossian quickly issued a statement explaining the move.

Matossian says SkySilk “does not advocate or condone hate,” but it does advocate free speech and the preservation of First Amendment rights. He acknowledged that while he doesn’t agree with all the content hosted on Parler, he believes the platform is taking “necessary steps” to improve moderation. He also says SkySilk will support Parler in becoming “a nonpartisan Public Square.”

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