Parler Launches Back to Life as It Finds New Host to Replace Amazon

Parler Launches Back to Life as it Finds New Host to Replace Amazon

( – Big Tech’s attempts to silence social media platform Parler look to have failed, as the site showed signs of new life on Sunday. Censorship by big companies and social media platforms has been growing over the last few weeks, but conservatives aren’t giving up easily.

On January 11, Parler’s site was removed from the Amazon Web Services hosting system.. However, on Saturday, CEO John Matze posted a message on the site, telling users Parler will “resolve any challenge before us” and get their network back in action.

So far, Parler has managed to recover its data from Amazon and register the domain name with a new hosting service. Matze told Fox News on Sunday, “When you go into it doesn’t go into the void now, it hits a server.” That’s a big step forward. Parler isn’t dead anymore. It’s still gravely wounded, but it’s alive and fighting its way back.

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